A layer of mulch adds a professional touch to your landscape and will enhance the overall appearance of your property. Mulch is easy to work with, you can mold it into whatever shape you prefer, and then dust it off your hands. It’s a great way to spend time in your yard with your family.

Mulch reduces landscape maintenance by preventing weed growth. It also improves plant health by retaining moisture and insulating from soil temperature variations.

Why should I mulch?

For moisture control:  In dry periods mulch retains moisture around plants’ root systems, and helps hold down costly water bills.
For weed control:  In the growing season, a layer of mulch helps prevent germination or weeds.
For insulation:  During cold weather mulch acts as a protective blanket for plants, moderating severe temperature changes which can damage plant root systems.
For soil enrichment:  As mulch decomposes it enriches the soil with natural organic matter, and enhances the ability of the soil to retain moisture.


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