Landscaping these days is vastly different from how it used to be. There is, of course, still a great importance placed on keeping a beautifully maintained lawn but that is about where the similarities end.

Today, lawn care and landscaping are so much more personalized than ever before. A lawn in 2016 can still have the classic attributes of traditional landscaping but more and more people are utilizing color to express themselves in their lawns. Basically, the days of a completely green lawn are behind us. For us here at Wilson’s, we warmly welcome the change.

Designing Your Landscape

By using our vast experience, we have helped home owners design the perfect color combinations in their lawns to create a visual representation of their personalities. With our knowledge of natural colors, we can help anyone obtain the lawn of their dreams.

  • Hot Colors. This term refers specifically to how we interpret colors. For instance, colors like red, orange, and yellow bring to mind fire and life. They can make a lawn feel alive. Conversely, colors like blue and green tend to have a more calming and tranquil effect on lawns.
  • Analogous Colors. These are colors that match because they are similar to each other. Blue and purple are similar and so they can be paired next to each other.
  • Complimentary Colors. These are colors that match because they are the complete opposite of each other. For instance, yellow and purple go well together as do blue and purple. When all three are combined, the effect can easily become a little jarring to the eye. In looking for color combinations, it is typically best to have either analogous colors or complimentary colors.
Landscape Design Columbus Ohio

By allowing us to work with you on your lawn, we can help you achieve the perfect color combination that works for you. If you have more questions about how your lawn can be improved, give us a call today!