Finally! All of Columbus can stop saying that spring is just around the corner – it is truly here this time. No more snow, no more cold, and no more overnight frosts. Now you have a very small window of time before patio season begins on Memorial Day. All of your friends are going to see your yard, and what will they say about it? Time to get it in gear and give your lawn the spring clean it deserves.

The secret to an attractive lawn is in the details. Our landscaping services can give your lawn the kick start it needs. First, put your yard in its place. Trim all bushes and trees to give them a neat appearance. Edge all of your garden beds for the same reason. Once those are in line, reward your plants with a fresh bed of mulch. They’ll love you for it, and your neighbors will know you mean business this spring.

Feel like mixing it up this year? Wilson’s Lawncare and Landscaping will install new retaining walls for your garden, pathways, and even patios. From your new hangout, you can bask in the glory of your lawn. And if your lawn suffers from the summer dry spells, we can install drainage and irrigation. Get ready to have fun outside this summer – do the dirty work in the spring. We’ll also haul that dirt away for you.

Finally, there’s the fun part. You get to plant flowers to add that splash of color to your creation. It’s good to get a mix of seasonal flowers and perennials. Planting perennials saves you some work in future years, since those will come back on their own. Don’t forget to fertilize these colorful displays and protect them from nasty bugs with the right pesticides.

You’ve got your work cut out for you this season, but Wilson’s is here to help. Even if you’re not a green thumb, we can do all of the design work for you. We want you to have an attractive lawn this year. There’s no reason to settle for what nature has done to your landscaping.