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A backyard is a terrible thing to waste. Unfortunately, many people neglect this space because it can seem out of the way and unimportant. What they’re not realizing is that a backyard is perfect because it is out of the way and generally out of sight for passersby. This means that your backyard is the ideal place to set up as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Basically, your backyard should be your retreat from stress.

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If you’re thinking about your backyard right now and can only picture an expanse of green grass and little more, it’s time for you to learn about hardscaping. While landscaping is a general term for lawn care, hardscaping specifically refers to permanent structures and treatments in your yard. Of course, there is also the other side of landscaping called softscaping which refers specifically to live, planted elements like flowers and shrubs.

Hardscaping has two very key elements that can help transform any lawn into the owner’s true vision of what a yard can be. With hardscaping, even smaller spaces can be made into absolutely beautiful works of practical, outdoor art.

  • Patios. With nicer weather already here, people want to be outside more and more. Parties are ending up outside. Dinners are being served outside. Basically everything is migrating outside. Patios make this possible by creating seating and a gathering space. They’re basically outdoor living rooms.
  • Retaining walls. By using vertical stone, concrete, or metal, retaining walls can give any yard depth and character instantly. Beyond improving property value and erosion control, retaining walls are a unique touch that will separate your lawn from everyone else’s.

Through hardscaping, any lawn can be given the personal touch it deserves. For any more lawn questions you have, give us a call today.

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